The Day After Tomorrow

No matter where you turn these days the topics of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Climate Change (CC) pop up most everywhere. We may all have an opinion as to how these issues may or may not impact our lives, but the impact on the economy and potentially your financial planning strategy may be significant and […]

Now What?

2018 has provided investors one heck of a ride, it has shown some of the best and worst the market has to offer in terms of both returns and emotions. Many are left wondering what’s next, and we would like to explore that debate. At the time of writing this article the markets are still […]

Bad Products or Bad Advice?

After thousands of conversations and planning sessions over 23 years as an advisor, few are the same.  Common goals, concerns, and anxieties exist, but our state of mind before, during, and after are unique.  All too often, those who come to us for a consultation are at a point where they don’t know whom and what to believe. They want a fresh unbiased approach with no pressure to believe one thing or another.  They wish to be advised, not sold.