Estate Planning Strategies

Estate Planning is an ongoing process.  It allows you to direct how and to whom your property will be distributed after you’re gone.  Having no estate plan may subject your family and property to state and federal intestacy laws without regard to your wishes.

If it’s important that your legacy ends up in the hands of the people and organizations you care for and love, let’s have a conversation about a strategy you’ll be proud to provide to future generations.

Financial Planning

At Legatus, we believe that financial planning goes far beyond needs and wants, as these most often change.  Building a stable and lasting foundation first, enables you to focus on exploring your financial potential.

If your expectations of a financial plan go beyond your 401k, term insurance, asset allocation, and simple wills, and are looking for a fresh and objective perspective followed by an innovative approach to your specific situation, please, let’s have a conversation on how we may design a plan for you.


There are three inevitable contingencies in life we all face:

  1. Premature Death- If you passed away before you expect, will your family be financially able to remain in the world you’ve provided for them?
  2. Illness or disability- If you are the primary earner in your household, and fall ill or become disabled and unable to earn, what is your income replacement plan?
  3. Longevity- Should you live as long or longer than you expect, what will run out first?  Your life or your money?

Managing these risks effectively requires an insurance portfolio that provides the appropriate level of protection today, while planning for the changes of tomorrow.

Please, join us for an evaluation of your insurance portfolio.


We live in the age of information overload.  Asset allocation, Monte Carlo simulations, TV, Radio, Internet, literature… The list is endless and getting longer.  If more than 85% of professional money managers underperform* the S&P 500, and doing it yourself isn’t your cup of tea, how do you choose a firm to represent your investment interests?

Our methodology is such that creating an investment portfolio begins with a bird’s eye view of your life as a whole, rather than a snapshot of your risk profile and portfolio goals alone.

Please, join us for a conversation, and let’s explore the possibilities and benefits of working with Legatus Group on your portfolio.

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*2011 study by Robert W. Baird & Co., Inc.